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Florist mums are often treated with growth regulating hormones to keep them compact in their containers.

They resume their normal growth habit the following year.

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Live mums on cam

Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum and Dendranthema spp.) are sold in spring and fall as gift or potted plants in full bloom. They look their best when planted in masses or groups of the same type and perform well in borders.

Mums are generally considered late-season flowers, but many types bloom in spring as well.

This armillary sphere is all that remains of a sculpture garden originally constructed in the 1950s.

The Dublin Town Hall — This large white building immediately across the street was constructed in 1881, and is the seat of the local government for the Village of Dublin, New Hampshire.

Hi every one, I was the person that said I would never holiday anywhere other than El Medano, sorry to report our last holiday was blighted by a lot of down and out druggies outside our apartment day and night shouting and defecating on the beach at night and they even pestered holiday makers sat having a meal, we felt very uncomfortable walking about with all these undesirables mingling amongst holiday makers and they were not just outside our apartment but all over the sea front and surrounding areas, such a shame because it is a beautiful place and I would have loved to go back, I am surprised that the Spanish authorities don't put a stop to this because if it has put me off holidaying there i'm sure it would have done the same with other holiday makers.

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