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And in addition to my limited experience, I also love people watching and I have plenty of experience listening to friends – guys and girls, Korean and non-Korean – talk about dating and their relationships.

Plus, I’m a student of culture in general and Korean culture in particular and I read (a lot).

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And like I said, some interesting points about dating came out during a completely non-related conversation so I thought I’d share them with you (along with a few others). When I started writing this, I did some quick research on Google on the topic and came up with some interesting hits.

The majority of the websites I visited were either advice for Western/foreign guys who wanted to or were dating Korean girls were written by Western/foreign girls about dating in Korea (in general or some cases, they were more of an online journal of her dating experiences).

In spite of Korea’s rich historical and cultural heritage, it amazes me how little Koreans think of their country and underestimate their potential, status and position in the world.

This inferiority complex reflects in the way Koreans interact with outsiders: they do everything it takes to make their girlfriends feel great for giving them a chance. They Are Fun Let’s say it: nobody parties like a Korean guy.

There is also a night scene where Koreans go to special nightclubs called ‘na-i-te’ (나이트.) Korean guys go in with their friends and get a table. Korean waiters take the women to a certain table and then the two newly-met social groups interact.

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