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I didn’t expect anyone to like me -- I didn’t even like myself.I never seriously considered suicide, but if I’d had a huge cosmic eraser, I would have used it on myself. And, once recognized, wouldn’t it be great to know how to deal with one? In her book The Sociopath Next Door, clinical psychologist and former Harvard faculty member Martha Stout, Ph D, gives us a great roadmap for conceptualizing, understanding, and avoiding sociopaths. They use their victim’s goodness and capacity to trust against them. They are masterful at evoking pity and have incredible acting skills.

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Stout lists “Thirteen Rules For Dealing With Sociopaths In Everyday Life.” I love this list and found it enlightening. “In a contest between your instincts and what is implied by the role a person has taken on – educator, doctor, leader, animal lover, policeman, humanist, parent – go with your instincts,” Stout urges. I write this not in the spirit of schadenfreude, but rather in celebration of ability, the majority of us, to live lives full of depth, meaning, relationship, and love.

But what if you’ve now realized you have a sociopath in your life – right now – and want to know how to handle them? 2) listen to your gut and prioritize what it tells you. One lie, one promise broken, one neglected responsibility – it could be a misunderstanding. Three: you are now dealing with a liar, and deceit lies at the heart of a person with no conscience. Because of their risk taking, it’s common for sociopaths to eventually be murdered, die of an overdose, or in an accident.

Following family protocol, I didn’t call it depression.

Instead I said that I had an ‘artistic temperament’ — a phrase that put a creative spin on an extremely painful state of mind.

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