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Yes, she was closeted and angry and secretly in love with Emily when she was making threatening and homophobic comments, but at her core, Paige is the worst. “She’s No Angel” (Season 6, episode 5)This episode spends too much time with characters who exist only to set up future crises that don’t even involve them, like Clark the photographer, who flirts with Aria, Narcotics Anonymous Dean, who aggressively flirts with Spencer, and Lesli, who is a secret Radley friend of Mona’s. “She’s Come Undone” (Season 4, episode 21)The holier-than-thou Paige gives Emily this ultimatum: Tell Alison’s parents she’s alive or else she’s going to do it herself.Then, she has the audacity to write an anonymous letter to the police that confirms Alison isn’t actually dead, even though the entire ordeal has absolutely nothing to do with her.So when Marlene told me the story of Alex, I was like, "I've got to tell you, if this girl is a working girl and she has had, like, a rough upbringing, I don’t want her to be speaking like how Wren speaks.

We then witnessed a classic, "No, I'm the good twin!

EXCLUSIVE: Here's Everything the 'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Has Spilled About the Series Finale! Alex ended up killing Wren and pressing his ashes into a diamond that she wore around her neck. So rude.) As Spencer and Ezra frantically searched for an escape from Alex's hellish playhouse, the Liars showed up just in time thanks to Mona's intel, Caleb's hacking and Toby's desperation to find and save Spencer.

is short for Alex Drake -- but just how is this random character connected to our favorite Rosewood residents? However, all of that changed when Wren happened to walk into the same bar that Alex was working in. When "Spencer" and Toby had that super-hot sex scene in the cabin in episode 7x18 -- that was Alex. "Wren let me come to Rosewood alone because he knew that I would come back to him and after I found out who killed Charlotte, that's just what I did." Unfortunately for the Liars, Alex's addiction to the thrill of the game did not end. But I just couldn't stop thinking about you about how good you have it. Charlotte left me everything." When asked if Jenna wanted money, Alex explained that Jenna was desperate for a chance to regain her sight, so after agreeing to do A. Twins were definitely the theme of the night and that Di Laurentis family sure is fertile. "I knew Wren would make pretty babies," she whispered to herself.

On the night before Aria's wedding, Alex oh-so-rudely kidnapped Spencer and locked her away in a high-tech cell (that was hidden in Toby's old house! Alex grew up in England as an orphan and had absolutely no knowledge of Spencer, Mary Drake or the town of Rosewood. When "Spencer" asked Toby for a "goodbye" kiss at the end of the season 7A finale -- that was Alex. "After Charlotte died, I needed closure and I wanted it on my own terms," Alex explained of the Liar's Lament board game. She was stealing from a bank and I knew it, but she fit the hoodie," Alex explained to Spencer. Jenna recruited Noel to look for me because she knew that Charlotte had a sister and that the Carissimi Group was just the tip of the iceberg. "Charlotte told Sara that she hid her greatest treasure under Radley and Sara thought that she was talking about some pot of gold, but what she meant was that file you found." . When Alex was impersonating Spencer at Aria and Ezra's wedding, she murmured that the twins had their daddy's eyes.

Three years later, when the girls are juniors in high school, Alison's body is found, and they begin receiving various messages from someone using the alias "A" who threatens to expose their secrets and get revenge.

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