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We hold in high esteem the continuity of life which connects the living Rusyn culture to its treasured and ancient heritage.We, therefore, seek to nurture the expression of this knowledge and opportunity to learn, express, share, and enjoy the beauty and life affirming values of a living Rusyn heritage.Into the forests and hinterlands of the land we today call Russia.

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Seventy years ago, on March 15th, it enjoyed its sole day of independence—declared in the morning amid the Nazis' dismemberment of the then Czechoslovakia, snuffed out in the evening by an invasion from neighbouring Hungary.

Its leader, Avhustyn [Augustin] Voloshyn, died in a Soviet jail in 1945; so did many others. A million-plus by the most generous count (but far fewer according to sceptics), Ruthenians are scattered through the Carpathian regions of Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine, with another bunch in former Yugoslavia.

Kiev shall rise once gain and we shall restore it to its former glory and splendor.

The Institute for Rusyn Language and Culture at Prešov University is offering its Fifth Annual International Summer School in Rusyn Language and Culture to take place in Prešov, Slovakia, from June 4 to June 24, 2017.

Thanks to a pair of imperial implosions at either end of the 20th century, and, oddly, the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, I am in theory allowed to cross this frontier with only a British passport.

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