Russian dating manchester

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It's small minded.'Obesity is no worse in Manchester than anywhere else, just look at America, it's a lot worse there.There are plenty of slim and sexy lesbians in Manchester.' Rebecca Newman, 29, added that it was naive for Ms Titko to think people chose to be gay because they weren't attracted to a certain person.'I think that you don't just decide if you're gay or straight it's something you were born with.

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Manchester residents have hit back at a Russian journalist who claimed the city was full of 'fat women', 'debauchery' and gay-friendly attitudes that Moscow should avoid.

Alisa Titko launched the disturbing anti-gay diatribe in Komsomolskaya Pravda, claiming Manchester was an example of a city that Moscow - due to host next year's FIFA World Cup Final - should not emulate.

But it can influence it too.’ She claimed Manchester showed why people were wrong to call for Moscow to be ‘more tolerant to couples with non-traditional sexual orientation’.

‘In Manchester there is a whole part of the city for gay people.

In the evenings gays and lesbians are having fun not only inside but also outside and they do not hide their feelings.

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