Updating settings takes too long Chatskype xxx

by  |  07-Nov-2016 18:17

I tried the solution provided by Omrakos, but my settings are already as the support article declares. - Uncheck "Automatically detect settings." - Click OK.

The battlenet app is installed on a SSD, so for it taking to much time to respond is really strange. This fixed it, you do not need to restart your client and/or your PC.

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I have also noticed it is now a 32 bit app, but I didn't pay attention to that part before now, but I am thinking it used to be 64 bit; I could be wrong about that, but I try not to emulate 32 bit if I don't have to. I've tried anything:- Changing proxy settings- Disabling Hardware Acceleration- Re-Installing the client I thought the problem occurred because I've had some games not up to date but after updating every game the problem was still not solved.

I am also running Win 7 x64 pro, as I have seen others with this problem running the same OS. Edit: also, to add: this started happening to me the update before last, not the one today.

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And the older your device, the slower the install process seems to be, with some devices taking over an hour to update. The answer is the new file system that Apple has introduced.

Apple plans to move mac OS, i OS, tv OS, and even watch OS to Apple File System.

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