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Jack Johnson was the first documented Athlete to run out and get himself a white girl.

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From Jesse Owens to Magic Johnson, Black Athletes have always been in the news, but their path to fame and fortune has never been easy. The first decade after the war witnessed the resurgence of baseball as the national sport, particularly with the return of hero-athletes, the formation and development of the National Basketball Association, and the transformation of professional football into a powerhouse organization vying with baseball as the national sport.

Only today are they beginning to gain their rightful place in sport's Hall of Fame. That competition continues to this day, with the profound irony that in some quarters the Black athlete is now seen as "saving" baseball1.* In the pre-World War II years, the Black athlete was restricted from competition in all the professional sports.

this week, a lot of folks in the black community looked at their computer screens with a crooked neck.

Not that anyone is particularly interested in the personal life of Michael Jordan, but some were trying to make sense out of why this 48-year old super-bachelor from a messy divorce that led to one of the largest payouts in history would ever go anywhere near a wedding ceremony. ” It’s not that anyone has any particular reason to be concerned about Michael Jordan’s personal life.

The only question to ask, actually, is how much Michael Jordan would be willing to give his wife in a divorce settlement.

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