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CSWs with lower monthly income were also more likely to experience sexual violence; monthly income of 51.2–101.9 USD yielded AOR = 2.4 (95 % CI 1.12–5.37) and monthly income of 102.2–153.1 USD yielded AOR = 7.9 (95 % CI 2.46–25.58), compared to CSWs earning 153.2 USD or more.

The prevalence of sexual violence among CSWs is high.

Unlike Mauritania, Sudan, and Northern Nigeria, Ethiopia doesn't mandate the death penalty for same-sex sexual acts, but thanks to draconian laws that forbid activism while allowing Western evangelicals to promote homophobia, Ethiopia is on track to join their ranks.

Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine is a glimmer of that truth, if even for only a moment during our dining experience, in our small suburban city in Colorado.

Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine took roots in Fort Collins in September of 2004 after chef and owner, Etage Asrat, completed her education and spent some time raising her daughters after moving to Fort Collins in 1991 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Victor shows me the cursive tattoo over his heart: B. W., which stands for Lady Gaga's acceptance anthem If these giggling, affectionate men acted this way - unabashedly, stereotypically gay - on the streets of Ethiopia's capital, they could be expelled, beaten up, fired, disowned, or jailed.

This is the reality of what it means to be gay in Ethiopia., 97 percent of Ethiopians think homosexuality should be outlawed.

Ethiopia continues to have one of the lowest rates of internet and mobile phone connectivity in the world, as meager infrastructure, government monopoly over the telecommunications sector, and obstructive telecom policies have significantly hindered the growth of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the country.

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