The basis for the carbon 14 dating method is that

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Doesn’t that give accurate dates of “prehistoric” civilizations?Carbon dating is the ultimate benchmark of the evolutionary dating world.

the basis for the carbon 14 dating method is that-65

Whereas half of any starting quantity of carbon-16 decays to nitrogen-16 in three quarters of a second, the same reaction for carbon-14 decaying to nitrogen-14 takes nearly six thousand years.

Even so, carbon-14 is not a stable isotope, and will disappear in time.

But that's not really how it is when scientists are working in their labs.

To understand how the C-14 clock works and what processes are involved, let us consider the egg-timer.

Everyone assumes that dates that follow the word “radiocarbon” are accurate, precise and sure. The basic principle of radiocarbon dating is that plants and animals absorb trace amounts of radioactive carbon-14 from carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere while they are alive but stop doing so when they die.

The basis for the carbon 14 dating method is that

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