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The first is Playboy, the 55-year-old magazine that pioneered the social and consumer revolutions of the 1950s and 1960s, spawned a global multi-media brand, and to this day symbolises his hedonistic-yet-luxurious version of the American dream.The second great creation, Hefner says, is his own life: a roller-coaster of fame, fortune and willing blondes played out against the backdrop of 10236 Charing Cross Road, the 1920s pile on the outskirts of Beverly Hills that he calls home, but which the rest of the world knows as the Playboy Mansion. And, although Hefner has never been one to blow his own trumpet, his enduring ability to perform in both the boardroom and the bedroom (even as he approaches his 83rd birthday!First, there was a strict curfew, so unless you were out with Hef, you had to be back in the hutch by 9pm.

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Izabella st james dating

Meowch: In her sensational new book 'Down the Rabbit Hole' former Playmate Holly Madison (left) has made sensational claims about Hugh Hefner. James (right) has shot down the former Dancing with the Stars contestant, saying her fabricated experiences in the Playboy mansion are merely a cynical bid to maximize sales of her book.

This photo was taken on the Playboy grounds, in the garden, where they would sunbathe.

Girlfriends were given their own bedroom, an allowance of $1,000 a week in cash, a new car, free dental and medical treatment, almost limitless clothes, hairdos, make-up and facials and all the cosmetic surgery they could wish for – Izabella reckons Hef shelled out $70,000 a year on breast implants.

It was a very generous deal in many ways, but it did have its drawbacks.

In the book, Holly describes being bullied by the other girlfriends and manipulated, put down and controlled by Hefner who would impose 9pm curfews on the girls and forbade them from gaining any financial independence or having interests outside the mansion.'It took years for me to realize just how manipulated and used I had been. Instead, she chooses to vilify Hef, vilify former boyfriend Criss Angel, vilify the friends she never made and the girls who didn't like her.'It's a self-serving read and I think it is almost like a girl that was never liked is finally having her revenge on the nice, cool kids that didn't accept her in their circle, which I think is a very high school approach.

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