Itunes consolidating two accounts

by  |  13-Aug-2017 11:47

With Super Sync, back up your i Tunes libraries into accessable and portable music libraries that you can conveniently transport to another computer.Super Sync makes the process super easy and intuitive.If you’re running i Tunes off another operating system, such as a Windows computer, you’ll need to manually set the i Tunes library to consolidate.

Not every household needs more than one computer running i Tunes.

In fact, as it becomes more common to stream music and videos to connected devices throughout the house, more homes may have just one PC.

With Super Sync, you’ll enjoy more functionality from i Tunes Match.

You can easily consolidate libraries, remove duplicates, access your library from more computers, match more tracks, and upgrade the bitrates of matched tracks.

The ability to quickly record voice memos on the i Phone is a frequently overlooked feature.

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