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The foundation of all the programmes is attachment theory with particular emphasis on the transmission of attachment and relationship styles across generations. S., Purves, D., Mc Connachie, A., Marwick, H., Johnson, P., Doolin, O., Puckering, C., Golding, J., Gillberg, C., & Wilson, P. Parent-infant vocalisations at 12 months predict psychopathology at 7 years.

Mellow Parenting is a Scottish based charity but operates in a number of international countries including: Iceland, Russia, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany and Tajikistan.

Ali inserted himself into politics through his involvement with The Black Dwarf newspaper, he joined the International Marxist Group (IMG) in 1968.

He was recruited to the leadership of the IMG and became a member of the International Executive Committee of the (reunified) Fourth International.

He was one of the marchers on the American embassy in London in 1968 in a demonstration against the Vietnam war.

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