Paul mccartney dating nancy

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After the service, he took some of his wife’s ashes to scatter at High Park.

He is now “several months sober” and has “re-bonded” with his family after drifting apart. He has previously disclosed he would consider forming a “next generation” Beatles with the offspring of other band members, saying: “"I'd be up for it.

Speaking of his family life, with the new addition of stepmother Nancy Shevall, he said: “Nancy’s my new mother. Sean [Lennon]seemed to be into it, Dhani [Harrison]seemed to be into it.

Paul’s daughter Stella reported that her father always hated spending money.

Mc Cartney even made her choose a state school so that he could pay less in tuition costs.

As the doors swung shut behind the 700-strong congregation, a lone bagpiper began to play the song she had performed so often with her husband, Sir Paul: Mull of Kintyre.

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