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The image was of the former model with no makeup on as she stood in a shower with wet hair. It looks as if the post is a plug for a certain brand of hair care products, but Rob does not mark the post as an ad.All he had in the caption were images of smiley faces.

In San Antonio women who go topless in public can be arrested under one of three penal codes, public lewdness, indecent exposure or disorderly conduct if it appears the public could be offended by the display, a representative from the San Antonio Police Department said.

None of the codes specifically mention going shirtless, only public intercourse or the displaying of genitalia is mentioned.

Taylor loved being a volunteer at mindyourmind for a few years and is now the Youth Outreach Assistant at mindyourmind.

She enjoys writing and playing music, and she is passionate about coffee, tea and community involvement. This is a bit of a taboo subject, and there is a seemingly large gap on the internet in regards to this subject.

Free the Nipple, a global campaign focused on equality, empowerment, and freedom, is a movement that has many celebs hopping on board.

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