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[…] Once reporters started asking questions, the scene heated up. ” Putin declared that he and Macron hadn’t spoken about that and Macron was not interested, “So as far as I am concerned the question doesn’t exist.” To which Macron made it clear that they had indeed spoken about that issue two weeks ago, and “moving ahead” does not mean he has forgotten for a moment what went on.

[…] But what Putin could not get around was the fact that he had in fact very publicly backed a loser [Le Pen], his cyber-agents of one description and another had hacked the winner, and he and his policies had failed spectacularly — at least in France. Speaking of Trump, this Macron-Putin meeting comes on the heels of Macron COMPLETELY winning a handshaking contest with Trump.

The only problem with that was that, after becoming King Of Handshakes, Macron actually TALKED about winning Handshake Club, and we all know the first rule of Handshake Club is that you do not talk about winning Handshake Club.

Like come on dude, we know you are brand new at being the second hottest world leader in the world, but would Justin Trudeau beat Donald Trump at handshakes and then brag about it?

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