East coast radio dating

by  |  05-May-2017 01:28

There are many men out there that would have run away.

He wants to stick around and make it work, but she’s not interested in dating him.

She fell pregnant from a one night stand and would like to start dating. She’s not in love with the father of the child and I understand she has needs, but then again if the father is there and willing to help, then maybe she should allow him to?

Deon has shared some beautiful photos of the proposal and shared this caption on Facebook:‘I always believed when you find your life partner, the day and place of your proposal has to be romantic, today in St Marks Square the setting with a 5 piece band serenading us.

I asked her to marry me and she said yes’’A big congratulations to the happy couple!

At the same time the Drive show is one of the flagship shows on the station and requires the full-time dedication of its host in Durban.

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